NVision IT made it to the Inc. Magazine's 35th Annual List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies--the Inc. 5000!

NVision IT is an Inc. 500 company ranking # 540 in America and 7th in Missouri, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The Inc. 5000 represents what can be achieved when you are passionate about your cause.

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About Us

Who are We?

NVision IT was founded in 2004 with a vision of transforming today’s business systems challenges into tomorrow’s successes. Although information technology is what we are known for, we consider the underlying business processes in everything we do. We focus on our clients’ strategic goals and incorporate them into the solutions we recommend using the most effective methods available. Our clients range from mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies in the public, private and governmental sectors. Industries served include defense, healthcare, education, manufacturing, technology, telecom, utilities and transportation.

NVision IT’s team of dedicated professionals are passionate about teaming with our clients to help them achieve their strategic goals. Our team is knowledgeable about the latest technology and current business trends which allows them to work effectively and build a strong relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and understanding.

We work based on the principle of providing world class solutions delivered at a reasonable price. Defining the project budget up front allows us to deliver the product within the predefined resource constraints. The lower costs of deployment and rapid implementation enables our clients to see their ideas come to life without unexpected delays and cost overruns. Success is achieved due to our team’s exceptional experience and the trust our clients have in us.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Experience
  • Value
  • Right Sourcing
  • Shared Services
  • Vetting Process
  • We Stand By Our Work

What we do?

We are a services based company with experience in various domains. Our highly skilled team of professionals will work side-by-side with you, helping bring your plans to fruition.

We strive to perform with dedication and precision. Our goal is to deliver services that surpass the expectations of our client.

Please browse through our website to learn more about how we help our clients achieve success.


ERP Applications Implementation

We are a client-focused company with a highly qualified team working to achieve our clients’ goals. At NVision IT, we truly envision the optimal solution for our clients’ information needs by focusing on their short term and long term strategic goals and eliminating processes that hinder optimal performance. From requirement gathering to development, we provide the implementation services to our clients and partner with them to achieve their strategic decisions. We provide comprehensive accounting solutions to reduce our clients’ everyday operational costs whether they are a midsize business or a Fortune 500 company.

Our ERP practice is highly experienced in the implementation of Oracle Applications. NVision IT’s team are time tested experts in implementing the complete set of Oracle E-Business suite solutions including Financials, Procurement, Order Management, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and HRMS. Oracle E-Business Suite is a comprehensive package which integrates with the organizations already existing systems and helps them focus on generating revenue for their businesses.

ERP’s capability to blend with other client applications has made it an innovative enhancement in the technical field with the power to accelerate accurate system transactions. It’s a particularly complex process where the core business practices are integrated to bring out the best their systems have to offer. We at NVision IT help our clients integrate their existing systems with our specialized ERP methods in order to generate a solution that fulfills their expectations.

Clients typically need to modify existing systems for ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) implementation so that integration will perform effectively. Our implementation process focuses not only on implementing the new systems but also on business process reengineering so that redundancies and inefficiencies are eliminated. This helps businesses align their organization’s goals and objectives to gain a competitive advantage. It is a holistic approach that stimulates business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

With the changing trends and market dynamics, it is important that organizations embrace new technologies. The complexity of business implementations has also increased due to the demand of having multiple domains, platforms and technologies. Today’s companies are facing challenges in managing their information with the exponential growth of technology and information gathered. That’s why the demand for taking technology and service enablement to the next level is on the rise. NVision IT’s specialized Business Intelligence (BI) team are experts in the tools and systems used for our clients’ strategic planning processes. They have learned best practices and are prepared to implement new trends in BI to enhance our clients’ existing systems.

Our BI group have extensive expertise in implementing OBIEE and we offer comprehensive capabilities for BI including enterprise reporting, dashboards, and ad hoc analysis. Effective decision making is based on information availability at key points in time. We present our clients with solutions capable of addressing such challenges related to information management.

We consider each project unique as no two are identical. Consequently, the parameters of BI services we provide vary. Our implementations range from minimal to maximum release for different users, covering deployments of every kind. We are capable of working on a variety of BI tools to gather and organize data delivering meaningful information to clients in order to achieve their operational goals. Being a value driven, cost conscious company, we collaborate with our clients to produce an effective BI strategy. That strategy is a tailor-made plan for each client.

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Business Process Reengineering

At NVision IT, we understand organizations’ desire to transform their business processes, re-prioritize tasks, and potentially change the way they work for their business to grow. In order to succeed, many organizations are using Business Process Reengineering to maintain effectiveness, stabilize performance issues and achieve significant improvements in overall organizational performance. We believe there is a need for constant change in business process models so that they are aligned with current business trends and allow for facilitation of fundamental transformations in organizations.

Business Process Reengineering is a business strategy used to optimize profits and keep organizations up to date. It transforms all processes of the business, enabling growth and making the organization more cost-effective and time-efficient. Existing business processes are reviewed with new rules established and implemented as a part of reengineering. This enables our reengineering consultants to prepare a plan to modify existing processes and blend them in with the new business rules.

We review the existing strategy and suggest new methodologies to improve the business processes and operational effectiveness. Once objectives are established, the team best suited to achieve the desired results will be identified. After a brainstorming session where the attributes of the new business processes are analyzed, a new business model is created. The client (along with our team) implements the plan that their organization will follow to achieve optimum performance. The quality of our product is reflected in our commitment and professionalism toward the advancement and success of our clients.

Some of our technical expertise includes customizing Oracle Application processes to fit the unique needs of our clients in workflow customizations, Oracle Application Framework (OAF), custom forms, and PL/SQL procedures.

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Document Management Solutions

Armed with CIIS and Oracle partnerships, NVision IT has the knowledgeable team that can deliver solutions leveraging Enterprise Imaging Platform by Canon to customers seeking to automate document and image-related business processes and integrate them with enterprise applications such as Oracle E- Business suite or PeopleSoft. Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP) is an innovative middleware platform that provides a rich set of input and output document creation, capture and processing services that integrate a variety of enterprise applications to automate business processes, such as those found in Finance, Accounting and Procurement functions.

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Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud computing benefits include flexibility, efficiency, cost savings, and strategic advantage. As an Oracle Cloud partner, NVision can offer both public cloud solutions and private cloud solutions. Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud. It offers best-in- class services across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). NVision IT offers complete Oracle SaaS suite enterprise solutions such as accounting, HR, procurement, project management, service, sales management, marketing, transportation management, and supply chain.

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Custom Application Development

The desire for personalized applications that clients can term “My Application” is in high demand. Finding a solution that completely satisfies all requirements is almost nonexistent. Therefore, one has to build the application based on client-specific requirements.

Custom Application Development allows solutions to be created based on client’s requirements, objectives and ideas. This complex process requires in-depth expertise in both development technologies and business processes. NVision IT has a technology-centric, enthusiastic and dedicated team who take a special interest in understanding clients’ requirements and objectives to fulfill the defined custom application development needs. Our methodology includes interacting with clients so that we understand their needs and develop an application solution together. We achieve this by coordinating and cooperating with our clients in every step of the process, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.

NVision IT follows a System Development Life Cycle approach for custom application development. Gathering requirements and analyzing the details helps our team visualize the outline of the application. This process and information helps in planning future phases of application development. Recording the collected data and sharing it with active team members enables a greater understanding of the application. Our system architecture experts prepare the required detailed diagrams, flow charts, etc., to facilitate application development and our experienced developers create the application during the design phase. Our subject matter experts oversee the entire process until development is completed. One of the final steps in the development process is to perform unit and integration testing to make sure the product meets the requirements and is bug free.

Some of our technical expertise includes customizing Oracle Application processes to fit the unique needs of our clients in workflow customizations, Oracle Application Framework (OAF), custom forms, and PL/SQL procedures.

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Database Support

NVision IT provides Database Support to our clients for effective functioning of database related queries. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of database related activities and can assist clients with transactional guidance. Our Database experts are well versed with tasks including installation, configuration, patching, backups, etc. If there is a specialized client need we can match up our consultant’s expertise with their expectations.

We partner with our clients to understand their database requirements by assisting them with continuous monitoring, maintenance, and the protection of critical data. Once we understand our clients’ requirements, we provide them with a team of experienced support consultants who help them achieve their goals.

Our database experts are highly qualified professionals who are masters in handling complex ERP implementations, migrations, and upgrades. Using our database support services, you can reduce costs by standardizing regular database-related tasks, outsourcing continuous database maintenance, and enhancing database performance. We take on your database related worries so that you can concentrate on improving your business.

Our process-based approach enables clients to consolidate their end-to-end database services at an affordable price. We provide specialized and cost-effective database services to our clients, exclusively designed to address their unique business needs.

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Database Administrator Shared Services

At NVision IT, we also offer Database Administrator Shared Services which enables us to utilize the services of our database administrators in multiple locations. The DBA shared services allows us to deliver similar database tasks without affecting quality and still maintaining the consistency of our work. It also enables us to improve our work efficiency, automate processes and utilize the services of database administrators across the globe.

The increasing demands for organizations to improve the quality of service delivery while maintaining or reducing operating costs are forcing them to try innovative methods to succeed.

There are a variety of reasons to implement a shared services model including continuous improvement and reorganizing and reducing redundancy. This typically results in increases in quality, flexibility, and sustainable efficiencies as well as decreases in operating costs - all leading toward improved business operations.

Plans are carefully developed to establish methods for sharing information. We assess and group the common tasks across entities and analyze factors including requirements and feasibility. We perform a detailed assessment to develop plans to minimize the risks involved while the transformation occurs between consultant and client.

We strive to deliver shared services by the most effective methods available. We regularly monitor the entire process and implement continuous improvement adjustments to deliver the best results for our clients.

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Staff Augmentation

We take great pride in our recruitment process and in our consultants. Our consultants are selectively recruited based on their education, experience, and 'CAN DO' approach. Through our widespread network and extensive contacts, we are able to recruit highly skilled technical professionals who have in-depth knowledge of implementing ERP systems, developing custom applications and have Business Intelligence expertise. Our consultants team with clients to help bring their project goals to realization. They understand the importance of delivering world-class services and are aware that cultivating a healthy professional relationship are important factors for achieving success.

We understand that clients need consultants with varied skill sets at different phases of their projects. We are prepared to handle various technologies and expertise levels while keeping our clients’ satisfaction first and foremost. With NVision IT, you can have confidence that we will provide a highly skilled consultant who will not only deliver the desired application, but will also be a dedicated resource for your project.

Before determining which consultant will be right for the project, we perform a detailed study of your requirements. We follow a rigorous selection procedure, wherein the stages of resume review, preliminary screening, technical interview, and interpersonal skills assessment are thoughtfully followed in order to select the ideal candidate. We also perform reference checks to verify candidates have the relevant skillset and experience our clients expect.

We encourage our consultants to learn new technologies and be familiar with the latest trends so that they can easily adapt to clients’ changing requirements. Often we select consultants whose experience is tailored to our client’s project. If that is not feasible, we encourage our consultants to master the domains/platforms our clients need them to work on as quickly as possible. Being subject matter experts in related areas, our consultants are quick to learn and can adapt to the client requirements in a fairly short timeframe.

We understand that implementing ERP systems requires not only technical knowledge but also business process understanding. Our consultants are subject matter experts in their respective technology areas and are diligent, dedicated, and self-motivated to produce results that satisfy the business needs of the client.

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NVision IT Makes the List!

NVision IT is an Inc. 500 company ranking # 451 in America and 7th in Missouri, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The Inc. 5000 represents what can be achieved when you are passionate about your cause.

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NVision IT has achieved Oracle Gold Partner Status

Oracle has recognized NVision IT for its commitment to establish Oracle related knowledge in delivering solutions to their customers. NVision IT supports a wide range of Oracle products including Oracle Database 12c and Oracle E-Business Suite.

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NVision IT partners with Canon to provide document imaging and management solutions to help transform organizations through digitization initiatives.

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NVision IT made it to the Inc. Magazine's 35th Annual List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies--the Inc. 5000


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NVision IT made it to the 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers 2016


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Agile Training

About Agile

NVision IT is offering two-day Agile training courses. The available courses are SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Scrum Master and Leading SAFe. Agile is a software development methodology that delivers the software in incremental periods called sprints. Sprints allow the software, schedule, and cost to be assessed and modified throughout the development process. This allows for very flexible prioritization and allows for changes made to the software, schedule, or anything else that may need to be changed throughout the development process. There are many more reasons why Agile is so beneficial, but these are just a few.

For more information about this training, please download the Agile Training Informational PDF.

What Attendees Get

The class registration includes:

  • Printed workbook
  • Preparation and eligibility to take the SAFe® 4 Scrum Master (SSM) exam or Agilist exam
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform
  • Course certificate of completion

Attendees must attend both days of the course in order to be eligible for the exam.

About the Instructor

All SAFe courses are taught by a certified SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) licensed by Scaled Agile Academy to deliver this course. Our instructors have over 2 decades of Information Technology (IT) experience at multiple organizations/industries in various roles. They have led multiple teams through agile transformation with proven results. Our instructors regularly teach SAFe courses at Fortune 500 organizations. They have led multiple teams through SAFe® implementation and actively coach at all levels of SAFe. Classes are taught through real world experience of SAFe® Implementation and are fun & engaging.

Why Get a SAFe® Agile Certification

To learn more about the benefits of getting a SAFe® Certification visit the Scaled Agile website.

Dates and Cost

Courses are available:

May 9-10

May 16-17

The cost of the training is $1095.00.


To register, please complete the Agile Training Registration Form and email it to info@nvisioninfotech.com

Disclaimer: SAFe® is a registered trademark of Scaled Agile, Inc.

Community Involvement

Combat 2 Computer

NVision IT and its team are committed to getting involved in their communities and helping to equip their fellow citizens in different ways, including volunteering and financial commitment to various causes. As part of our Community Service Initiative (CSI), and a way to express our gratitude, we are launching a unique and well-deserve program called COMBAT 2 COMPUTERS©. The goal of the C2C program is to provide transitioning veterans with IT fundamentals in an effort to help them enter the civilian workforce.

We are excited about launching the C2C program because our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much so that we can live free. Therefore, in consideration of their sacrifices, the least we can do is make their transition to civilian life less daunting and as successful as possible. NVision IT decided to provide this program because we can help make a difference in the lives of our veterans by training and equipping them with skill set necessary to help them transition in entry-level IT positions.

How does this program work? A team of knowledgeable professionals at NVision IT will select veterans based on their qualifications, interest and skill set to enroll in the C2C program. The selected veterans will attend online classes for up to 6 hours per week for 10 weeks. They will be taught live by an IT professional. The veterans will be provided with the necessary training materials including access to the system to work online from home. Note: Participants in this program must have access to or their own computer. Again, the initial program will be an IT Fundamental curriculum and then transition into Business Analyst/Systems Analyst curriculum.

Post completion of the C2C program: After successful completion of the program, depending on the market and need, NVision IT business development team will work with local employers, federal agencies and other consulting firms in an effort to try and place the newly trained veterans on various projects including NVision IT’s projects.

What is the cost of the C2C program? The program is FREE! However, we require that transition veterans who enter the program commit to completing the 10-week program. So, please thoroughly review your calendar and make sure you can commit and complete the program.

In order to qualify, please send your current resume with cover letter indicating why you are interested in this program to transition@nvisioninfotech.com.

NVision IT Supports:

Places for People
Rebuilding Together St. Louis
St. Louis Area Foodbank
Kids' Harbor
Leonard Wood Institute
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital



1. Oracle Applications R12 Financial Functional Consultant


Must specify your current location and rate. Only resumes with these details are considered. Start date 12/01/15

NVision IT, an Inc. 500 company and Oracle Gold Partner with solid growth is looking for Oracle Financial Functional resources who can work with the users to make the correct configuration decisions during the R12 upgrade. Responsible for applying business and functional knowledge to meet the team’s overall design and test objectives. These candidates MUST HAVE upgrade experience in the financial modules including Receivables, Payables, GL, and SLA. Help client determine the right decisions. Should be able to understand the configuration impacts and recommend solution based on the business process.

  • Must have involvement in 3 or more upgrade projects as a financial SME
  • GL, SLA, P2P, OTC experience is required
  • Attend requirements gathering meetings with the Client to collect requirements and drive the upgrade effort
  • Responsible for business process flow creation, fit gap analysis documentation, and requirement traceability documentation
  • Serve as an Oracle Financials SME with our client to recommend best practice solutions for upgrading to R12
  • Identify all risks and issues along with possible mitigation steps.

Qualifications / Required Skills:


  • 3 or more upgrade projects as a financial SME
  • Oracle R12 upgrade experience from 11i in the GL, SLA, PTP and OTC
  • Multi-Currency and Intercompany experience

Please submit your resume with rate, current location, and visa status to recruiter@nvisioninfotech.com

No Third Party candidates. St. Louis Local Candidates only.

2. Oracle Secure Global Desktop


NVision IT is looking for a solid Oracle Global Secure Desktop professional with 2 to 4 years of experience.

Qualifications / Required Skills:


  • 2 to 4 years of experience with Oracle Global Secure Desktop
  • Knowledge of Oracle databases
  • Knowledge of other Oracle technologies


  • System administrator experience

Work location can be St. Louis, San Antonio, Chicago, Dayton, or remote with occasional travel. US Citizens and all other parties authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor at this time.

Please submit your resume with rate, current location, and visa status to recruiter@nvisioninfotech.com

No Third Party candidates. St. Louis Local Candidates only.


Contact Info

743 Spirit 40 Park Drive

Suite 204

Chesterfield, MO 63005

Get in Touch with Us

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Note: Your e-mail address and all other personal information will not be shared with any party. All information is kept strictly confidential.